I am a metal artisan living and working in Wilmington, North Carolina. A lifelong love of tools, metal, and all things mechanical has blossomed into a passion for composing one of a kind, handmade, kinetic sculptures. All of the skills exercised in working with the various materials used in my creations have been gained through work experience in various trades over many years, self taught with tips from books, the internet, or other artists, or simply developed  on my own through experimentation and curiosity. Forging, casting, grinding, hammering, welding, braising and soldering, as well as the use of conventional mechanical fasteners, such as rivets, screws, nuts, and bolts are just some of the techniques which may be employed in my compositions. Using many different materials and processes afford me the opportunity to use a wide range of tools and techniques.
    My work is composed of varying shapes, colors, textures and  object placements which make each piece unique in its static state, while select pivot placement, careful counter-balancing, and human interaction allow them to react differently each time they are set in motion.  Each piece has a personality all its own, and also interprets the personality of the interacting subject. These interpretations range from graceful rotations and pendulous swinging,  to somewhat chaotic flips and poses.